Products and Services

Products and Services

W-Cutter is developed to cut the stems of problem weeds which are sticking out of the growth. This working method can be named as top cutting or topping.

By cutting the tall stemmed weeds above the crop (sowthistle, mugwort, dock etc.), the unwanted seeding before and during the harvest can be essentially decreased. Topping completes other mechanical weed controlling methods and mends the gaps on chemical weed control, especially at the later period of the growing season. In addition, W-Cutter can be used on cleaning greenspaces or crushing the vines before harvesting.

Cutting units in W-Cutter are operated directly by electric motors. The motors (VEM) are made for hard industrial use and each of them is protected by automatic heat controlling relay.
The cutting units are tooled by two thin chains, made of resilient special steel and the units can be switched on/off in blocks of the cutting boom.  The power for the electric motors is deserved from the generator which can be attached to the back of tractor.

W-Cutter 1200

  • attachment to tractor front loader
  • working width 12,0 m, transport width 3,0 m
  • number of cutting units 19 pcs
  • generator min 45 kVa
  • up-turning side booms with separated hydraulic control
  • stabilizer and tilt action
  • up keeping runners / wheels to the side booms (supplementary equipment)

W-Cutter 750/950

  • attachment to tractor front loader or front lifting apparatus
  • working width 7,5m/9,5 m (extra units), transport width 2,6 m
  • number of cutting units 13/17 pcs
  • generator min 35 / 45 kVa
  • 3-partial cutting boom; controlling features otherwise as W-Cutter 1200

We offer also tractor generators suitable for our Cutters!